Machine Vision System P&S Technology

Rotary Type PET Bottle Whole Surface Inspection And Leakage Detect System

Stable system as 5 wheel type

Mirror tracking system ( No blind spot )

Normal 36,000 BPH

High resolution digital camera

Applying various bottle size

Less change parts for same neck finish bottle ?


PS-21RPEL is the latest machine that inspect particles on PET Production and detect the leak by pinhole and deformation as a high speed. To inspect bottles at infeed and discharge section. This machine is stable as 5 wheel system and It is very efficient to inspect whole PET on the limited space.

Also, We solve the PC down problem by applying PS-21VS which is cameras operated separately. Of system problem occurred, remote control can be provided.

- Top
- Support Ring
- Sidewall 1
- Sidewall 2
- Bottom
- Screw
- Leak inspection

performing inspection


3,300 x 2,860 x 2,560(H)

6,000 Kg

Low : 200BPM

Middle : 400BPM

High : 600BPM


Input 220~460v

Machine Power

220V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz