Machine Vision System P&S Technology

PS-21GP Series
PS-21RP Series
3 wheels rotary type whole surface inspection machine (Non-crystallized / crystallized Empty PET)

3 Wheel Rotary Type structure

Over 400 Degree Preform rotation in the body inspection area

Mirror tracking system

High-resolution Digital Camera

Apply various patent technology

Quick & Easy Change parts

Install the safety device

High-intensity LED illumination

Equipped the rectangular PET bottle oriental device

Apply specialized inspection software

Distinguished Data Static Program


PS-21RP Series is a machine that ejects the all Non-crystallized or Crystallized bad PET bottles by inspecting the entire surface of it, including Neck of preform, and this is possible with our specialized design structures like 3 wheels rotary type mechanical structure and Mirror tracking system.

 PS-21RP Series are made up of 3 models like Series 1, 2, 3.
The standard of this segmentation is according to the inspection speed and the number of inspection area as customer required, then the certain series can be suggested to each customer by this standard. Identically, in the all body inspection zones, there are device which makes rotation and spin for the PET bottle more than 400 degree, by applying the mirror tracking system which helps to reduce the blinded spots perfectly during the inspection.

- Neck Finish
- Bottom
- Body
- Neck Innerwall
- Screw Thread
- Support Ring
performing inspection width=


2,000 x 2,100 x 2,200mm (H)

Low : 200BPM
Middle : 400BPM
High : 600BPM

Electric Specification

220/380/440V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz
1. PS-21RP 2. PS-21RP 3. PS-21RP 4. PS-21RP