Machine Vision System P&S Technology

PS-21GP Series
Neck Area inspection machine (Non-crystallized or Crystallized preform)

3 Wheel with preform body suction type structure    

High-resolution Digital Camera

Quick & Easy Change parts

Install the safety device

High-intensity LED illumination

Apply specialized inspection software

Distinguished Data Static Program


PS-21PP is the inspection machine simplified mechanical structure that can inspect Neck of preform and Bottom inspection as a option.

In the case of Non-crystallized preform, the machine can equip the cameras on the neck finish and bottom for inspection. On the other hand, the Crystallized preform version machine can inspect the neck finish, bottom, and Neck inner wall with 3 cameras. Moreover, according to the customer request, the PP model can inspect the neck dimension, for this function, the additional 3 cameras with Special lens are applied for precise neck size inspection.

- Neck Finish
- Neck Size
- Neck Size(Crystallized preform) and Neck outside wall 
- Bottom
performing inspection


1,480 x 1,600 x 2,000mm (H)

Maximum Speed

Low : 200PPM
Middle : 400PPM
High : 800PPM

Electric Specification

220/380/440V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz
1. PS-21PP 2. PS-21PP