Machine Vision System P&S Technology

PS-21GP Series
Neck handling type inspection machine (Non-crystallized or Crystallized preform)

2 Wheel Gripper handling structure

High-resolution Digital Camera

Quick & Easy Change parts

Install the safety device

High-intensity LED illumination

Apply specialized inspection software

Distinguished Data Static Program

Possible to adjust height of discharging conveyor.

Preform body inspection through 3 cameras


PS-21PSI inspect the non-crystallization/crystallization preform with 2 wheel gripper structure as neck handling mechanism. The 2 wheel gripper structure is designed as an alternation of PS-21 GP series, it can inspect neck finish, bottom, and body only, but, the price of machine is less than other type, the customer who doesn't want high specifications prefer to use this type.

The structure of Neck Gripper can be described as followed, during the conveying of preform in the inspection machine, the finger type gripper grasp the preform support ring and move. Even if the body size is different with same neck size, the machine doesn't need additional change parts regardless the size of preform body.

- Neck Finish
- Bottom
- Body
performing inspection


1,600 x 1,500 x 2,100(H)

Weight 1,900Kg
Maximum Speed

Low : 200PPM
Middle : 400PPM
High : 1000PPM

Electric Specification 220/380/440V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz
1. PS-21PSI 2. PS-21PSI