Machine Vision System P&S Technology

PS-21GP Series
PS-21GP Series 3 wheels rotary type whole surface inspection machine (Non-crystallized preform)
3 Wheel Rotary Type structure

Over 400 Degree Preform rotation in the body inspection area

Mirror tracking system
High-resolution Digital Camera
Apply various patent technology
Quick & Easy Change parts
Install the safety device
High-intensity LED illumination
All-in-one Gate Cutter System
All-in-one Gate Chip Collector
Apply specialized inspection software

Distinguished Data Static Program


PS-21GP Seriesis a machine that ejects the all bad preforms by inspecting the entire surface of it, the inspected surface area includes Neck of preform, and this is possible with our specialized design structures like 3 wheels rotary type mechanical structure and Mirror tracking system.

The Gate cutting process is required before the PET Blowing when the gate type is Long gate. At this moment, the customer will need Gate cutting equipment independently. However, because of the structure Gate cutting device is mounted integrally with the machine, you can consider the concept of a 2 in1 that customer does not need to buy an additional device. Moreover, the machine provides a reduction of investment cost and installation space. Additionally, the machine can reduce time according to the part changing.

- Neck Finish
- Bottom
- Body
- Neck Inner wall(Option)
- Screw Thread(Option)
- Support Ring(Option)


1,800 x 1,700 x 2,200 (H)

Maximum Speed
1000PPM (Non-Gate Cutter version)
500PPM(Gate Cutter version)
Electric Specification 220/380/440V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz
1. PS-21GP Serise 1 2. PS-21GP Serise 1
3. PS-21GP Serise 1 1. PS-21GP series 2